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本文摘要:It has been a frantic fortnight for gadget lovers and the Apple iPhone 5 launch was the grand finale of the whole shebang. But not without a brush of disappointment. Lets face it, a product has yet to appear that could revolutionize the smartphone landscape as the iPhone did when it launched years ago.过去的两周对数码迷们来说感叹段可怕的时光,苹果iPhone5的公布沦为这一切的压轴戏。

It has been a frantic fortnight for gadget lovers and the Apple iPhone 5 launch was the grand finale of the whole shebang. But not without a brush of disappointment. Lets face it, a product has yet to appear that could revolutionize the smartphone landscape as the iPhone did when it launched years ago.过去的两周对数码迷们来说感叹段可怕的时光,苹果iPhone5的公布沦为这一切的压轴戏。但结果毕竟一丝丝沮丧。

面对现实吧!还仍未有任何一种产品可以像数年前iPhone刚面世时那样引发智能手机界的革命。The lack of surprises this season seems to place the industry in a more balanced position in which customers are spoiled by a plethora of handsets options.本季的平淡无奇使得手机业界战火稍微平息,可可供用户来自由选择的手机种类堪称五花八门,这也使得消费者被宠坏了。Apple plays it safe, again苹果再度稳扎稳打At first glance theres not much difference between the new iPhone 5 and its previous products. But there have been a few tweaks. Its slightly longer, sporting a 4-inch screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio that allows you to watch widescreen videos without those annoying black bars on both sides.乍一看,iPhone5同之前的几款苹果手机并无过于大差异,但只不过还是有一些改良的。iPhone5机身较短,配上16比9的4英寸屏,这样一来,你之后可以道别屏幕两侧那无聊的小黑边,尽永观赏长屏视频的体验了。

The latest iPhone is much more slender too. At only 7.6mm thick, Apple claims it is the thinnest in the world. The glass back has been replaced by an all-metal shell with a two-tone effect. The connector is also smaller, which is bad news for those who just spent US$1,000 (6,300 yuan) on a new dock .最新款的iPhone也更为轻巧。苹果公司声称,这是世界上最厚的手机,厚度仅有7.6毫米。原本的玻璃背板早已替换成了双色调金属外壳。

模块也变大了,这对那些刚花上上1000美元(约合6300人民币)买了新的dock音响的人来说是个坏消息。But as this shows, hardware can hardly differentiate rivals anymore. Its up to the software to run the show.而这指出,拼成硬件早已很难将自己与竞争对手们区分出去。软件沦为致胜的关键。

A big feature discussed alongside the iPhone 5 at its launch was the iOS 6 – the latest version of Apples mobile operating system. It offers a selection of new features, most notably a replacement of Googles mapping software. Apples own take on maps provides turn-by-turn navigation and local business information. An enhanced version of Siri the robot is also featured.与iPhone5一起倍受热议的众多卖点是近期的苹果手机操作系统iOS6。该系统获取了一系列新功能,其中最明显的变化乃是退出Google地图。苹果自律研发的地图为用户获取在车辆必须拐弯时展开语音警告的导航系统服务,还能表明周边商业信息。Ultra的Siri机器人也备受注目。

Finnish paradox诺基亚的自相矛盾Nokia was a major casualty of the iPhone revolution. The mobile phone giant, allying with Microsoft, is trying hard to compete with its new generation of flagship smartphones – the “Lumia” series.诺基亚是iPhone革命中的主要受害者。这个手机巨头与微软公司合作,于是以极力想要通过自己的新一代旗舰版智能手机——Lumia系列扳平一局。

In terms of hardware, Nokias Lumia 920 seems to match the iPhone on every aspect.在硬件上,诺基亚的Lumia920或许在各个方面上都与iPhone旗鼓相当。Its 4.5 inch screen is 0.5 inch bigger than Apples counterpart, and a 8.7 megapixel rear camera beats the iPhone5 by 0.7. Both handsets have adopted dual-core predecessors, but Nokia wins the upper hand on battery life. Wireless charging technology is seen as a highlight.其4.5英寸的屏幕远超过输掉iPhone5半英寸,后置摄像头(870万像素)多达iPhone5约70万像素之多。这两款手机都备有双核处理器,不过,诺基亚在电池寿命上更胜一筹。无线充电技术也沦为众多亮点。

Despite seemingly outperforming its rival, Nokias share price plummeted 16 percent following the release of its new gadget, according to AP. Investors said that the Finnish manufacturer still lacks a “wow” factor.据美联社报导称之为,虽然诺基亚看起来比输掉更胜一筹,但是当这款新型手机上市后,诺基亚的股价下跌16%。投资人士指出,这个来自芬兰的手机制造商仍缺少让人眼前一亮的产品。

The Lumias software might be to blame. Supporting only around 100,000 apps, compared with more than 500,000 for Android and iPhones, Windows phones have so far not been well received in the market, and the negligible edge it has on hardware could not wield its full power to impress customers and outshine the competition.而这有可能要归咎于Lumia的软件。安卓和苹果系统都享有多达50万个的应用程序,但相比之下Windows手机只配备了大约10万个应用程序,这点使得Windows手机的市场销路不容乐观;同时,硬件上的黯淡优势无法拼成尽全力来感动消费者,以至于无法在手机大战中脱颖而出。Moreover, adverts allegedly demonstrating the phones stunning camera were later found to be based on photos shot on professional equipment. This almost ensured that Nokias return to the smartphone arena is yet to come.除此以外,据信,Lumia920广告中展示出了强劲照片功能,但后来被人找到这些照片都是用于专业设备摄制的。

这点基本上能解释,诺基亚重返智能手机竞技场的日子还没来临。Galaxy on the rise三星Galaxy的兴起Samsungs vice is exterior design. Sticking to the Galaxy series plastic shell, it doesnt quite have the luxurious, reliable feel of the iPhone or Lumia. At 4.8 inches, the Galaxy S IIIs screen is chunky, almost crossing the boundary into tablets. Whereas a big screen is useful for watching movies and playing 3D games, it is less convenient to hold and carry around.三星手机的外观设计是硬伤。执著于Galaxy系列的塑料外壳,三星手机几乎没像iPhone或Lumia手机那样的奢侈感和信赖感。

Galaxy S III手机的4.8英寸屏幕十分厚重,完全相等于一台平板电脑了。虽然超大屏有利于看电影和玩3D游戏,但握感觉佳且不便于装载。Following its dual-core predecessor, Galaxy S IIIs quad-core version makes it the most powerful smartphone yet. The problem is that most apps dont yet take advantage of four-core chips, meaning that for the most part that powerful processor is just sucking away at battery life.在发售双核处理器之后,Galaxy S III这次配备的四核处理器使它沦为目前最强劲的智能手机。

问题在于,大多数应用程序还呼吸困难用作四核芯片,这就意味著大多数情况下,这个强劲的处理器意味着在那里消耗电量,别无它用。As an Android raider, Galaxy S IIIs new 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich system lets you drag live widgets to your home screens, showing you live information without having to boot up an app. Thats a feature Android owners regularly flaunt in front of iPhone fans, whose home screens dont offer this level of customization.作为一款安卓机,Galaxy S III配备的全新冰淇淋三明治4.0操作系统让你可以必要将应用程序拖入主屏,需要启动应用程序也可查阅动态信息。这也沦为安卓用户可以经常在苹果爱好者面前夸耀的一点,而苹果手机屏幕没获取这种自定义简化的服务。